Amateur Hour Giveaway


Imagine disposable film cameras got passed around from one guest to the next throughout your wedding day. Imagine the resulting photographs that would be captured of you, your family, and your friends. Now imagine having a photo-booth but instead of it only being in a static location at your reception, it’s mobile and all day long and from the unique point of view of your friends and family. Amateur Hour is all of these things and it’s offered in a 5, 15, or 30 disposable camera package, each of which include:

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  • Return Shipping

  • Processing, Scanning, Editing

  • Online Gallery to Print, Download, and Share

Replace your guests phones with these wind-and-click disposable film cameras, return them when you’re done and in two short weeks you’ll surely have a few keepers to cherish for life.


  • Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Parents, Guests

  • Getting Ready, Reception, Garter/Bouquet Toss, The Exit (i.e. combine with sparklers or confetti)

Fine Print

This “Amateur Hour” giveaway is for “The Uncle Bob (5)” package which includes five branded disposables shipped straight to your door a week before your wedding day. Once you’re done, simply place them back in the box and use the return label.


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