Photojournalism for your Life

wedding coverage

Think back to the last wedding you were a part of. Nothing changes; well, almost nothing. Think of me as a close friend with a camera and an all access pass. I believe your wedding day is for being present with friends and family; it's for celebrating with that person standing in front of you. I yearn to tell the story of your wedding without it reading only, "We smiled for pictures." I want you to look back at your prints in the years to come and not only have a sense of what the day looked like but more importantly - what it felt like.

From $2000

life session

A Life session is exactly that; life - ugly, raw, real, uncut, and absolutely beautiful. These sessions are my attempts at finding beauty in the rituals, the routines, the activities, the absolute chaos. There's no need to clean the house or dress up; just be you.

From $300