Baker and Jennilee

"I put off getting "professional" photographs of my son done longer than I intended, so making this investment was a big deal for me. I contacted Jon with the simple request of "just some quality shots of my boy and me." Jon did all the rest. He told me what time of day would be best, reassured me that our little apartment would be the perfect location, and to just carry on as if it were a normal Saturday morning. However, I was so nervous by the time our appointment rolled around. How would we spend our time? What should we wear? I want these to be good! I want some framers! Shouldn't we just scratch this whole "life session" idea, and instead pose for some quick portraits? But the moment Jon arrived, it was as if we were old friends. We blared Sam Cooke on the radio while we cooked breakfast. Jon was so good with my little one, letting him play with his camera, engaging him when I was out of the room. The session flowed on effortlessly; we had such a fun morning! And now I have these incredible images to treasure- that truly capture the essence of my family, the feeling of our home, the personality of my boy, the beauty in our mundane routine. Words fail. Jon is a wildly talented photojournalist; a true storyteller. I can't wait to "hang" with him again. It sure will be hard to choose between all these "framers."

- Jennilee Yates