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I see a wedding day in four parts: Anticipation, Ceremony, Formals, & Reception. Each month I’m give one lucky couple a coverage of their choice. Think of this as a “mini-sessions” for your wedding day but instead of paying for prints and downloads upfront, you only order what you love after you’ve seen the images. You can have your cake and if it’s not up to par, toss it.


Simply put, I love capturing life’s moments as they unfold and it just so happens weddings are packed with them therefore, I love photographing weddings. However, my photojournalistic approach to weddings is usually admired from afar and by couples celebrating 10+ year anniversaries reciting something like “If I ever get married again…” or “I wish I had known you were an option!“ Judging by my collection of nickels I’m rarely called upon for a full day of coverage and thats what got me thinking outside the box. So I found a way to make myself accessible and let people know about it.

I find that often times weddings are photographed in color and priced up front because that is the norm for photographers that rely heavily on assets such as details and portraiture for the consistent look they are known for.

I don’t rely on those assets at all. I see them as supporting actors to the lead roles; moments and the people inhabiting them. So why am I trying to price myself in the same box using the same structure? What I love doing isn’t for everybody but it’s certainly for somebody.

“A moment itself is more significant than the people inhabiting it and should be anticipated and approached with a level of passion and fragility equal to that of those experiencing it. I aim to capture life as it unfolds in images that remain both honest and impartial, in order to extract the most factual record of a given moment in time; intimate storytelling through a candid lens.”


These monthly drawings allow me to shoot more of what I love shooting and simultaneously provide an avenue of advertisement for people who aren’t aware that an approach and/or service like this exists.


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To help give you an idea of what to expect from this approach I will be posting results of each month’s winner below. Clicking on an image will take you to the complete blog post.


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