Update: French.25

Update: French.25
8"x12" Cover Print - Numbered, Titled, Signed, & Framed.

8"x12" Cover Print - Numbered, Titled, Signed, & Framed.

I'm writing this to update everyone on my "French.25" project and give some sort of explanation as to why it has taken so long to finish.

I already know the materials and team I want to use to produce this book/zine so why the hell is it taking so long to finish? I've spent the last 7 months pondering this and haven't been able to answer until just this moment.

First of all, what is this project? French.25 is a follow-up to New Orleans '14, a book I created 2 years ago after finding a voice in my photography. Naturally, a voice strengthens in practice and so I set out to see how it has changed since then. To be clear, I didn't want this to become a competition with myself to create my best work. I wanted an honest look at how my "eye" might have changed after 2 years and in order to do that I needed to work outside of my ego and inside of my instinct. I wanted to come from a place of "I love this and I want to share it with you".


Leica M4
Voigtlander Nokton 50mm CV ASPH.
Voigtlander Ultron 28mm ASPH.
Kodak Tri-X

It wasn't until I got back home with 499 images from New Orleans that I realized they were all taken in the French Quarter. After culling them down to 100 it occurred to me I could possibly create a follow-up book with much less fat than my prior if I continue culling down to 25 to fit the location and newfound title. Enter problem.

Within those 100 images I found 3 different people. So not only have I been trying to decide what to include and exclude but more importantly which one of those 3 photographers I am. So now I sit back down, fresh eyed, in the New Year to complete this project. 

To those who have already purchased the cover print (11 of 25 remain) or preordered the zine, thank you! The zine and the book will be out soon!

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