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Artist Statement


I am an Alabama based film photographer applying a photojournalistic approach to both my personal and commissioned work, in that it remains both honest and impartial, in order to provide the most factual record of a given moment in time.

This approach allows me to capture life as it unfolds; intimate, fast-paced storytelling through a candid lens. It is paired as well with a wedding as it is a day at home with family. Imagine a fly on the wall. A raw look into a beautiful life; unplanned and unfiltered.

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I work exclusively with black and white film during my photojournalistic outings as the entire purpose serves to capture a fleeting moment. I have found that limits breed creativity and in this case not only am I afforded the aesthetic of a timeless image but I am also encouraged to maintain focus on people and the moments they inhabit rather than the things around them.

My branding work however, often requires a strong focus on products and architecture to tell a client's story. I create a strong sense of familiarity by employing the use of color film and paying a significant amount of attention to the most minute details.



Photojournalistic Session

from $350

  • 10x10 linen album

  • 4x6 deep matte prints
  • Film negatives
  • Digital gallery
  • Digital negatives




Polaroid Session

from $350

  • 3 framed Polaroids in alabaster mattes
  • A beautiful 5x5 linen lined glass and steel display box houses each remaining Polaroid.
  • The back of each Polaroid is stamped with the session date




Client Testimonials

The moment I opened the email, I saw it. Beauty. Sincerity. Affection. Jonathon has brilliantly caught our Son’s wedding day with the most delicate approach to humanity in the midst of a life celebration. Seeing the young and old alike being reminded of true love is priceless, and he caught this on film. I will not say just a thank you, because that seems to common to say. But instead will say, welcome to the Marsh family. You caught some of our most intimate thoughts, glances, laughters and choices on that night and we will forever have a tangible memory of it from this day forward! You, my sir, do something that is absolutely outstanding. You catch life.
— Ashely Marsh
Looking back through the photos of mine and Josh’s wedding weekend, I am in awe of how Jonathon captured the ethereal vibe and feeling of every single moment. It’s hard to explain, but among the stunning wedding shots there are photos of the small moments that most people wouldn’t consider photo worthy. I can honestly say, the photos he got of my mom making me a turkey sandwich while I’m getting my makeup done are equally as special as those taken during our ceremony. His ability to capture life on film allows you to relive the beautiful moments while realizing that the mundane is non-existent. He’s also super fun to be around and will instantly become one of your very favorite people.
— Grace Lavey
I put off getting “professional” photographs of my son done longer than I intended, so making this investment was a big deal for me. I contacted Jon with the simple request of “just some quality shots of my boy and me.” Jon did all the rest. He told me what time of day would be best, reassured me that our little apartment would be the perfect location, and to just carry on as if it were a normal Saturday morning. However, I was so nervous by the time our appointment rolled around. How would we spend our time? What should we wear? I want these to be good! I want some framers! Shouldn’t we just scratch this whole “life session” idea, and instead pose for some quick portraits? But the moment Jon arrived, it was as if we were old friends. We blared Sam Cooke on the radio while we cooked breakfast. Jon was so good with my little one, letting him play with his camera, engaging him when I was out of the room. The session flowed on effortlessly; we had such a fun morning! And now I have these incredible images to treasure- that truly capture the essence of my family, the feeling of our home, the personality of my boy, the beauty in our mundane routine. Words fail. Jon is a wildly talented photojournalist; a true storyteller.
— Jennilee Yates
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