The Asuncions

"When David and I started making wedding plans our main priority was to find a photographer who would capture our day in a way that was unique, intimate, and special. Jon exceeded our expectations! Jon has a gift and talent for capturing the emotion and actual memory of the day. It’s not just about details with Jon, it’s about the feeling and intimacy of the day. Doing what Jon does, does not only take technical skill, but it takes having an eye for those moments. Jon conveyed his passion, skill, and talent during our day by constantly searching for the perfect light, location, and moments. He is professional, versatile, and just plain awesome! He expertly wrangled our scattered and idiosyncratic families and shows their uniqueness. We could go on and on, but we consider ourselves privileged to have had Jon as our photographer."

- Brittany Asuncion


The Marshs

"The moment I opened the email, I saw it. Beauty. Sincerity. Affection. Jonathon has brilliantly caught our Son's wedding day with the most delicate approach to humanity in the midst of a life celebration. Seeing the young and old alike being reminded of true love is priceless, and he caught this on film. I will not say just a thank you, because that seems to common to say. But instead will say, welcome to the Marsh family. You caught some of our most intimate thoughts, glances, laughters and choices on that night and we will forever have a tangible memory of it from this day forward! You, my sir, do something that is absolutely outstanding. You catch life."

- Ashely Marsh


Baker and Jennilee

"I put off getting "professional" photographs of my son done longer than I intended, so making this investment was a big deal for me. I contacted Jon with the simple request of "just some quality shots of my boy and me." Jon did all the rest. He told me what time of day would be best, reassured me that our little apartment would be the perfect location, and to just carry on as if it were a normal Saturday morning. However, I was so nervous by the time our appointment rolled around. How would we spend our time? What should we wear? I want these to be good! I want some framers! Shouldn't we just scratch this whole "life session" idea, and instead pose for some quick portraits? But the moment Jon arrived, it was as if we were old friends. We blared Sam Cooke on the radio while we cooked breakfast. Jon was so good with my little one, letting him play with his camera, engaging him when I was out of the room. The session flowed on effortlessly; we had such a fun morning! And now I have these incredible images to treasure- that truly capture the essence of my family, the feeling of our home, the personality of my boy, the beauty in our mundane routine. Words fail. Jon is a wildly talented photojournalist; a true storyteller. I can't wait to "hang" with him again. It sure will be hard to choose between all these "framers."

- Jennilee Yates


The Powells

"It's difficult to describe how Jon works. We were so nervous to do a life session after having our second child because it's absolute chaos; our toddler was running around showing him every toy she owned, I was trying to cook and nurse and was 6 weeks out of delivery and not feeling great about myself. He has a way of making the chaos of life immeasurably beautiful, never capturing a staged scene, but true ones. The images I have nursing my son, of my husband with my daughter, of us together in that moment, remind me of the bliss that comes with having a newborn. Shortly after that session, our son was diagnosed with a heart defect and would have surgery the next year. His surgery and recovery went very well, but those are some of the only images I have of him without his scar and I will cherish them always. I've hired Jon personally and professionally and he never ceases to amaze me. He is a personable, professional and invested photographer. He truly cares about the end result and he puts such a personal touch on not only the images, but with the packaging as well. I would highly recommend him for any occasion."

- Sara Powell



"Hey Jon, I don't usually do this and in fact I always thought that most people find this annoying but nevertheless, here I am. I am a 30 year old man currently going through a divorce (not by choice). I have 2 amazing little boys that just fill my heart with joy. I make good money in my current profession but after documenting my sons lives', it has drawn me into my true passion. That is obviously documenting everyday life's moments as they are. After finding you through Instagram, it has inspired me to at least start a website. I doubt it will ever be a full time gig (right now I haven't even had a real session) for myself but I just wanted to send you a thank you. A thank you for what you do. What I would like to become is modeled after you and your work. I enjoy it immensely and to me every positive outlook should be shared. Life is not the most enjoyable right now with the exception of my sons so to be able to find something I enjoy and know there is someone out there to "look up to" is reassuring. Keep up the amazing work and again, thank you."

- Colby


The Laveys

"Looking back through the photos of mine and Josh's wedding weekend, I am in awe of how Jonathon captured the ethereal vibe and feeling of every single moment. It's hard to explain, but among the stunning wedding shots there are photos of the small moments that most people wouldn't consider photo worthy. I can honestly say, the photos he got of my mom making me a turkey sandwich while I'm getting my makeup done are equally as special as those taken during our ceremony. His ability to capture life on film allows you to relive the beautiful moments while realizing that the mundane is non-existent. He's also super fun to be around and will instantly become one of your very favorite people"

- Grace Lavey


Conrad and Abby

"Thank you so much. Oh my goodness, I cried when I got these. They portray my relationship with my son so well and express so much emotion. And the lighting! What talent you have. Thank you again! I'll be in Alabama again this winter, expect to hear from me!"

- Abby Smith